Our ingredients

Hug aspires to make products that are as nearly 100% natural
as possible, so people may wonder, “What are the other components?”

Hug would like to sincerely label all ingredient information on the packages in full transparency. We want to encourage you to make the best purchasing decision by exploring our ingredients, which we have dedicated to developing in order to make gentle products, including our internationally certified organic components while avoiding harmful chemicals.

All of these make our products as close to nature as possible.

As a result, please ensure that all Hug products are genuine Clean Beauty, internationally certified,
and avoid chemicals that may cause allergic reactions or irritation. Consistent use will definitely benefit everyone’s skin health in the long term.

International organic certification

Edelweiss, the queen of the Alps. A valuable ingredient in Hug products.

Edelweiss is an iconic Alps flower, known for its ability to grow in higher landscapes and endure severe weather.
It survives through freezing or sunny conditions and can withstand weather and pressure, including UV radiation. 
Thanks to its characteristics, Edelweiss’ extract is high in antioxidants,
protecting your skin from pollution and sunlight and preventing skin darkening.

Hug  uses Edelweiss’ organic extract as an ingredient in all of our products
to boost antioxidants and ensure that your skin is protected with full effectiveness
and safety under the Ecocert Certified Organic certification.