Our story

HUG’s was founded out of a desire to share healthy skin with our family,
friends, and the environment on the Earth we’re living on.
Hug Logo

That inspired us to create gentle daily skincare products made of almost 100% of natural ingredients 
while avoiding harmful and unnecessary chemicals. That’s how we develop skincare suitable for everyone in a family as well as anyone with sensitive skin.  

For packaging, Hug encourages consumers’ behavior to be concerned about Refilling, Reusing, and Recycling
to reduce waste and impacts on nature and the environment as much as possible.

Hug aims to spread love by encouraging healthy skin made from natural ingredients, while also acknowledging to protect of the environment. 
Just like hugging we believe it is the best expression of love as we are both a giver  and a taker at the same time.  

Our philosophy
To run the business, our philosophy is to spread love and hugs to all members of the HUG family,
which includes everyone involved in this business process from raw materials to finished products.

Since all customers are like members of our own family, Hug aims to develop products that comply with international standards, focusing on quality that is both effective and long-term beneficial to skin health.

Organic Farm

Because Thailand is our extended family, Hug constantly looks for organic ingredients sourced from Thailand to develop and research products that meet international standards and are recognized in international markets as products from Thailand.


Since there is only one Earth, we must protect it. Hug, as a manufacturer, is dedicated to operating a business responsible for consumers, communities, and the environment. Our goal is to create products made from nearly 100% natural ingredients without the use of chemicals. It also includes choosing packaging that reduces waste or has the least environmental impact in order to give back to nature, which offers us the most.