100% Natural Dishwashing Liquid

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Product Description :

◆ 100% Natural ingredients and Eco-Friendly.
◆ Biodegradable. No spoiled or stinky odors left in the drainpipe.
◆ Gentle to hands and skin. No allergic reactions or irritation.
◆ Remove dirt, grease, and stinking odors from kitchenware effectively.
◆ Kaffir lime — Remove grease and stinking odors.


How to use : Use full-strength to clean dishes, glasses or containers.


Ingredients :

Soapberry, Kaffir Lime, Pineapple, Galangal, Elephant Apple, Indian Laurel Leaf, Brown Sugar, Effective Microorganisms (EM Technology)


Additional information

ขนาด (มิลลิลิตร)

1000 ml, 5000 ml


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